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Hey guys!

aquahere replied to your post: Tidus??!!!

-signs- Good… pretty much.

Aqua? Are you okay? Why do you look so… bloated?

Aqua! -tackle glomps-

How’ve you been?

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Activity in FHS has gone down quite a bit. The same few people are seen on the dash every day with very few others ever making a difference. After talking this out, we have decided on a reasonable solution to bring back activity.

By liking this post or notifying us in some way, you will be kept on the masterlist. That is, to say, if you would like to continue as a member of Fantasy High School, do something to let us know! Those who don’t do this within a TWO WEEK period will be removed from the list of inactivity. You could think of this as an activity check, or even a choice, if you prefer. 

We want to strive for the active group we once were, and we failed in keeping it together before. This is the first step in jump-starting our home to bring back the activity we missed, but hadn’t fought to bring back.

So please, notify us within the next two weeks if you want to continue being a member.

Please note, we will be halting any and all reservations and additions to the group until everything has been sorted out. We have other issues to address as well that will come about in the following weeks. Thank you for your patience, everyone!

-The Moderators of FHS




ooc: Oh my gosh. So, while I was on hiatus, I searched my username just because I was curious, and this about killed me. With laughter, of course. Oh my goodness, I love it!! Did Tidus make this? This is the best thing ever. Goodness, this was from a long time ago…still, I love it. &lt; 3 I’m totally saving this to my computer just for the laughs.

{ Actually Roxas made this when she was still Lebreau asldjals;dj;asjd;lasjd; }